Clydesdale Horses
Welcome to Shiralee Clydesdales

Early in morning, when all is calm - you can hear a distant whinny, or gentle blow of the nostrils - but come feed time, it's the thundering of hooves and neighing of 'good morning' when the feed buckets are being collected!! From humble beginnings in 1993, my passion for the heavy horses started to become a reality with my first purchase - Kuldene Judith. 

Every day we try to work towards experiencing my dream life - of watching, playing with and teaching our clydesdale horses. This is truely our hearts desire. Today we, Rod & Lynda Erwin, with my daughter Bethany Matschoss and her partner Matt Jones are building our dream clydesdale heard.


Our Field of Dreams

We try to keep our horses in suitably sized groups, in paddocks that have ample tree shade to provide shelter from the elements in winter and summer.

We are determined to make our dreams our reality!

Our Bloodlines
I have specificately tried to source brood mares that are descended from the more recently introduced imported lines, and introduce the older lines with our stallions.

My VisionIt's all about CHOICE.

When I started, I believe I was the first to bring the clydesdale to Central Queensland. I found it very expensive to import stallions and mares from not only the SE corner of Qld but also NSW and Vic.
My aim to provide fellow enthusiasts, a choice of quality horses to purchase or stallions to join their mares to, and without all the hassle and expense I constantly found myself with.

Today we offer a choice of two Stallions to bring mares too. Our sires were not only chosen or bred for their conformation and temperament, but also their bloodlines. This ensured new genetics were constantly being introduced to my line, I have tried to retain the best of the best from our 'mob' and will start again.

We have been providing quality pure bred and cross bred clydesdales to Enthusiasts, Clydesdale Breeders, Cattle Stations and Warmblood Studs since 1993.
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